What Is An Independent Insurance Agency

What does it mean to be an Independent Agent? An independent insurance agent is one who is not an employee of any company. The agent is licensed by your state and carries with them the fiduciary responsibility to be your advocate. They put your needs first over and above their own, or the insurance company. Even though the agent is paid by the insurance company, they work for you. Agents have at their disposal the ability to quickly check prices and coverages with many different insurance companies. It’s our job to guide you through the ever-changing world of insurance, to help you reach your goals.
We Are Your Medicare Insurance Specialists

Planning for your future can be an overwhelming process. You don’t want to worry about your health insurance and other financial aspects when you should be enjoying your retirement and zest for life. Let Sturtevant & Associates, LLC take care of the details, so you can spend your time doing what you love.



Services with which we can assist you:

  • Medicare & Medicaid Insurance – Are you unsure of what Medicare and Medicaid cover regarding your health and prescription drugs? Sturtevant & Associates is your source for Medicare insurance. We specialize in this area, so know that we can help guide you.
  • Individual Health insurance – You have many options to choose from. Whether it’s a plan on the Affordable Care Act or not, or a short term plan, our team will listen, and ask the right questions to help you decide which plan best meets your needs.
  • Dental Insurance – We all know dental insurance is an important part of a health care plan. Let us help you understand which coverage is most effective for you and your family.
  • Annuities – An annuity can be used as part of a retirement strategy. It’s an product that pays out income, and is a popular choice for retirees who want a steady income in retirement.Did you know that your Social Security benefits and employer pensions are examples of annuities? We can help you further understand the benefits.
  • Funeral Trusts – Having a funeral trust in place can give you peace of mind that your funeral and final expenses will be covered and not left as a debt for your family. An average funeral in Wisconsin can cost $8,000.00 to $10,000.00. A funeral trust can be set up for anyone ages 6 months to 99 years old from $1,000.00 up to $15,000.00. The money is protected from creditors and does not count as an asset when determining Medicaid. Left-over funds go to your estate and/or beneficiaries. Please call us today for a free brochure.
  • Long Term Care – Do you know which long term care insurance is right for you? We are all living longer and it’s important to feel at ease knowing that you have money for your care when you can no longer take care of yourself or your loved ones.
  • Retirement Accounts – There are so many retirement accounts out there. We will help you with this important step to securing a better retirement down the road.

Please call Sturtevant & Associates to take advantage of our free services. We look forward to helping you!

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